The invisible braces Geelong smiles don’t hide behind

January 23, 2015

invisable braces, invisalign, orthodontists, geelongLet’s get straight to the point. For many people, the hardest part about having braces fitted is worrying about how those braces will affect their appearance, particularly their smile. Young people coming to grips with their changing bodies and features, their places in the world and the ebbs and flows of peer group pressure sometimes find the prospect of requiring braces for their teeth somewhat confronting.

Fortunately, these days most people see braces as something of a status symbol, a step towards a celebrity smile. But there’s no doubt there is an element who’d rather not let the word know they’re wearing braces.

And that’s where invisible braces come to the fore. At Braces N Faces we provide invisible braces Geelong smiles don’t have to hide behind. Using a unique product called Invisalign, we align your teeth but nobody will know the straightening process is underway.

With Invisalign Geelong smiles are unimpeded, and Invisalign wearers don’t have to compromise on what they can eat, because the unique aligners are removable. You can take them out at meal time. There’re no wire “railway tracks” or brackets, although we sometimes might have to use a tooth-coloured attachment to help retain the aligner. In the Invisalign process, patients regularly change their aligner for another specially designed aligner, and each replacement subtly changes the alignment of your teeth until the day you have a perfect smile.

Invisalign isn’t the only form of invisible braces available from Braces N Faces. If the thought of wire braces has deterred you from the prospect of a perfect smile, then get in touch with our professional team and make an appointment to discuss how we can invisibly transform your appearance. When it comes to invisible braces, Geelong residents can rely on Braces N Faces for professional, hygienic and safe dental treatment.