Ages for orthodontic treatment

Children 6-11 years

Certain orthodontic cases benefit from early treatment procedures. They are skeletal discrepancies, borderline non-extraction cases, restoring lost space in dental arches, severe aesthetic problems, crossbites, and severe overbites and open-bites. Treatment of these problems at an earlier age can produce benefits that would be limited if treated at a later time or eliminating any future treatment altogether.

Adolescent 12-16 years

This is the average time to start orthodontic treatment. Usually all deciduous (baby) teeth have exfoliated and the permanent teeth are erupting.

Adult 17 years – up

By late teens or early twenties, the jaw has finished growing, and the size and the shape of the mouth is complete. Although it is a solid structure, the jawbone surrounding teeth can change shape in response to prolonged pressure. Because adult bones are denser, it takes a little extra time to move adult teeth than children’s.

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