Orthodontic treatment process

Initial Consultation

We reserve approximately 1 hour for this initial consultation to provide sufficient time for a careful examination by the Orthodontist, followed by a discussion of your orthodontic concerns with our Treatment Coordinator. This discussion is designed to answer any questions you may have regarding orthodontic treatment.

Dental Records

Our first step before initiating any treatment is to take orthodontic records required for a thorough diagnosis.
These records include photographs of your face and teeth plus necessary X-rays.
In addition, we shall take impressions of your teeth which will be used to make plaster models. The Orthodontist will study these records to determine how your teeth and jawbones are positioned and will finalise a definitive treatment plan.

Dental Review

The purpose of the review is for the Orthodontist and the patient to discuss an appropriate treatment plan for you. This is a good time for the patient/parent to ask any questions they may have. At this time you can discuss when is a good time to start treatment.

The First Step in Treatment

The initial records are the first step with orthodontic treatment. It allows us to gain the necessary information to suggest the appropriate diagnosis but also as a record of what patient’s teeth look like before orthodontic treatment.

First Impressions

Models are taken of the upper and lower arches, as well as a wax bite. These models enable the Orthodontist to study the teeth and bite pattern without the patient being present.



This x-ray is taken from the side of the skull and helps us to determine; Growth Development, Jaw Structure, The relationship of teeth to facial skeletal landmarks and the soft tissue facial form.


Panoramic X-ray

This type of x-ray scans the entire mouth. It helps us by showing the development of the teeth, missing teeth, supernumerary (extra) teeth, pathology and the fate of wisdom teeth.


Digital Photography

Photos are taken on our digital camera to show us the facial proportions, profiles and current positions of teeth.



The stage where the collation of records are being finalised in order to present a definitive treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

This is where the records have confirmed findings of a specific treatment for the patient. This treatment plan is explained at the review appointment. It is at this stage that approved treatment can commence with the scheduling of future appointments.

Orthodontic Adjustment

The Orthodontists will adjust your appliance/braces regularly, usually every 6-10 weeks. Each visit the wires are adjusted slightly to put new pressure on your teeth, causing them to move a little closer to their ideal positions. During this time it is you, the patient, who looks after their teeth with oral hygiene, diet and co-operation. You may need to wear elastic or rubber bands to further align your teeth and jaws.