Scheduling dental brace appointments

Most people seeking orthodontic treatment may be concerned as to how they will fit the appointments into their busy schedule. The initial appointments needed to start treatment will need to be during your work or school hours. We realise this may be inconvenient, but once your appliances have been fitted, we shall try to make the appointments at your convenience (e.g. before or after work/school hours). Orthodontic adjustments for dental braces are not lengthy appointments. Most adjustments vary from 5-10 minutes but are all essential in adjusting and monitoring your tooth movement.

We realise that occasional unforeseen circumstances arise which necessitate a change in appointments, or cause you to overlook an appointment. As our appointment schedule is carefully crafted, your late arrival or missed appointment can pose a problem. In fairness to other patients, we may need to reschedule your appointment. We shall do our best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible, however, in order to avoid a delay in treatment, it may become necessary to reschedule your appointment during work or school hours. Missed appointments, or numerous appointment changes will inevitably result in an extension to your treatment time.

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