Orthodontic treatment transfer policies

If during orthodontic treatment you or your family move to another area we shall help you change from your Geelong Orthodontist to continue your treatment. We can give you a recommendation for an Orthodontist in the town or city to which you are moving. The estimated treatment time may be extended when a transfer is made during active treatment. Treatment may take longer because the new Orthodontist may do a re-evaluation with current models, x-rays, and may need to replace brackets to suit his/her technique.

Overall braces treatment costs will generally be increased when there is a transfer of care because of the expense of progress diagnosis and treatment planning and the added length of treatment time. Our office will calculate the amount of the original fee agreement that we have earned and will contact you regarding any balance owed to us or to you. You will be provided with a detailed report on your orthodontic problems and the treatment being undertaken, as well as your pre-treatment diagnostic records. When you have completed your move, contact your new Orthodontist as soon as possible to avoid any additional delay in treatment.

If you are unsure of your impending abode, the records and referral will be sent to an Orthodontist in your area, once you have notified us of your whereabouts. For more information contact us at Braces N Faces.